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Providence  Research Group

During the summer of 2017, six Providence Meeting members shared an experience of continuing revelation that was transformational. A Worship Sharing Report was presented to the full meeting in the fall of 2018. One original copy of the report will be maintained in the Providence Library and the other one will be taken to the archives at Swarthmore college. The Report is copyrighted.

A copy of the full 29 page report is available here. The password is Freedom.

Readers should approach this text as the Journals of four Quakers experiencing the movement of the spirit as described by both George Fox and Rufus Jones. The true mysticism of the Quaker experience. 

The Group was joined by members from Media meeting, Middletown Friends Meeting (Bucks Quarter) and Upper Dublin Meeting (Abington Quarter) and began visiting meeting houses in Bucks and Abington Quarters including a visit to Buckingham Mountain's Mount Gileads A.M.E. Church.

The group is available to help other meetings learn their histories from antebellum times. 

In Loving Memory of Our Sister

Holly DiMicco Olson 

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