children & youth


Our First Day School program for children ages 5-13 provides an opportunity to learn about Quakerism, explore their understanding and beliefs about God, and connect with each other and the Meeting community. Children sit for the first 20 minutes in meeting for worship and then go to their classes.  Class time typically involves a story for younger children or lesson for older children, discussion, and a game or craft activity. Classes conclude at the same time as worship after which children rejoin their families.  There are two age groups of approximately 5-8 and 9-13.


Quakers practice a religion of experience, a contemporary, simple and radical faith. Quakers are also called Friends.

  • Every person is known by God and can know God in a direct relationship.

  • The Quaker faith has deep Christian roots. Many Quakers consider themselves Christians, and some do not. Many Quakers find meaning and value in the teachings of other faiths.

  • Friends strive to live lives that are guided by a direct encounter with the Divine. Quaker terms for the Divine include God, the Seed, the Inner Light, and the Inward Teacher, among others.

  • Testimonies are ways that Quakers have found to express our experience of the Divine in our lives. Some of the best recognized testimonies include simplicity, integrity, equality, community, and peace."


The Meeting provides child care for children less than five years of age during meeting for worship. Parents are welcome to bring young children into meeting for worship, along with the older children, for the first 20 minutes or to take them directly to child care. Parents should be assured that gentle sounds from young children are welcomed as ministry by the worshiping group.

'We Celebrate the Light in every person.'