Our SociaL  and Climate Crisis Witness

Racial Justice Goals

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Providence Friends Meeting acknowledges and honors the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, we strive to be a culturally safe space where all individuals and groups are treated with respect in regard to their unique cultural needs and differences.

We strive to build a pluralist, anti-racist community that encourages participation and leadership among all Friends, and supports and elevates partners and community members most affected by racism and bias.   In September 2020, our community unified in support of Providence Friends Meeting Statement on Racial Justice and Anti-Racism

Robin Diangelo, Author of White Fragility on debunking the most common white myths about race.
Global Warming turned into Climate Change which has evolved into a Climate Crisis - where will we be next year? 

The Climate Crisis Committee was formed at Providence Monthly Meeting in 2021 to help fulfill PMM and PYM’s commitment to address climate change, to promote increased awareness about climate issues in our Meeting, to educate our Meeting on how locally we can reduce our carbon footprints, and to help identify opportunities for witnessing to our faith in creating a more sustainable society. 

Committee reports to Providence Meeting.   12/219/21 4/21,

PYM Newsletter Article

Finding a Renewable Energy Supplier for PMM

The CCC was given the go ahead by the Meeting to look at returning the meetinghouse to a renewable energy supplier. This link  will take you to a spreadsheet that lists  key questions that the committee came across and/or developed that should be answered when switching energy providers. The CCC then looked at 5 different renewable energy suppliers for PMM and provided answers to the key questions in the spreadsheet. Also, here is a link to a document that provides some clarifications to a few of the spreadsheet questions. 

Serving Our Hungry Neighbors

Providence Meeting has been assisting our neighbors in Upper Darby by providing food for over thirty years. “Our meeting remains a part of a large consortium of faith communities in Delaware County which serves dinners at the Life Center in Upper Darby as well as a once weekly meal for 100 people delivered to Christ Lutheran Church in Upper Darby. These meals feed those sheltered at home and others needing food.
Life Center Dinners Committee

Equal Education