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Serving Our Hungry Neighbors

Providence Meeting has been assisting our neighbors in Upper Darby by providing food for over thirty years. Our meeting is now a part of a larger religious community providing meals for residents and others at the Life Center of Delaware County.  10 months a year, volunteers from our meeting prepare and serve meals. Many times we have served over 200 meals.


CoVid-19 has changed conditions, and the staff requests that we send food in bags - like a bagged lunch - rather than entering and serving dinner in the shelter. The next time we are scheduled to provide food is May 23.

Current Support Needed:

We could use the following items for packing in a dinner ‘bag:’ breakfast bars or protein bars for 50 people; water in bottles (sorry!) for 50; and packages of peanut butter crackers. On May 23rd, we will make the sandwiches, and put together the bags. If you let us know that you could deliver a bag of 50 oranges or 50 bananas to the meetinghouse closer to our serving date, we would pick them up and include them. Small bottles of hand sanitizer or hygiene items (little bottles of shampoo, soap, lotion, e.g.), would also be most welcome. Contact Lynn and Bill Oberfield at lynbil@gmail.com or at 610-358-9024.

 Postponed Due to CoVid-19 TBA

Join us for lunch and a panel discussion about the latest happenings in jail reform in Delaware County. Updates will include a status report on deprivatization of George W. Hill Correctional Facility, improvements to jail operations, Delaware County's new Jail Oversight Board, and plans for the future.

Speaker Panel includes:
Kevin Madden, Delaware County Council
Jonathan Abdur-Rahim King, Jail Oversight Board
Bob Cicchinelli, Coalition for Prison Reform

Attendees will learn how they can help support local jail reform.

This event includes lunch and is free of charge. Donations are welcome. Parking is available on Meeting property in the front and rear of the b



Equal Education
The Climate Crisis
Providence members as well as other members of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Eco-Justice Collaborative are actively ministering about this grave concern. These Friends are travelling throughout the yearly meeting.
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