Providence Friends Meeting is an active and vibrant faith community. In addition to our weekly meeting for worship and religious education programs, we regularly organize events and other activities. These might include talks, potluck meals, and special programs. Outside events of interest to our community are posted on the Providence Meeting calendar (ABOVE). You may also wish to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

We also host outside groups at our meetinghouse for more information on using our space please click the link below.


Monthly Potluch Breakfast

The Program & Outreach Committee hosted a potluck breakfast at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 25th, and invited all members of the Providence Meeting community to attend. Starting with the month of June, the Committee will offer breakfast before worship on the last Sunday of each month. Sharing the most important meal of the day is a great way to get to know other members of our community. Our hope is that this monthly "meeting for eating" will become a permanent tradition at Providence Meeting. 

PMM Women's Gathering, June 25th

The women of Providence Meeting gathered for a strictly social but relaxed and fun gathering at the home of Lynn Oberfield, 1219 Valley Road in Glen Mills, on Sunday, June 25th.

Racial and Social Justice Working Group, Sunday, June 11th

The Working Group heard ideas about future training and having a brief discussion on white fragility.        

Click below to read an article that was discussed at the meeting. For more details, contact Debra Will.