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The Beginnings

What is now Providence Friends Meeting began as Quaker meetings for worship in Upper and Lower Providence Townships, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Often these meetings were at the home of Thomas Minshall as early as 1682. Minshall and his family were immigrants from Britain. They purchased the land from William Penn. The land for the Meeting House and the Graveyard were donated by Thomas Minshall's sons. A log cabin meeting house was built in 1700 on what is now the front lawn. 

School House

In 1809 a small stone school house was built on the edge of the lot behind the meeting house. The construction of a small underground space was included in the original design.

The first stone meetinghouse was built in 1814 and includes the stones from an addition that had been added to the original log cabin meeting house.

In 1931 the meeting house was connected to the school house with a social room. A kitchen and classrooms were added on the back in the 1950's 

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never

dies. . . William Penn

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