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 How We Worship

"Meeting for worship is at the center of the life of our  community." Providence Mission Statement 
Weekly Worship - Sundays
Providence Meeting uses a blended format allowing Friends to join worship via Zoom. The community gathers at 11:00 am for Meeting for Worship and Afterthoughts, an opportunity to share thoughts, reflections, joys or sorrows that may not have been shared during the meeting. Prior to announcements, visitors will be asked to introduce themselves.
What Is The Providence Meeting Worship Experience Like?
Worship starts with those present settling into silence often called centering. Once a month a Friend from the bench in the front of the room may read a Query. Queries are meant for self reflection both about ourselves and our meeting community. Otherwise we gather in the stillness to allow the inward light that join us all to stir. We remain in silence unless someone is led to minister. That ministry may come as spoken words, a song or even the babbling of an infant.  The closing of the Meeting for Worship will be acknowledged by the Friends sitting on the facing bench.
What Is Meeting For Worship For Attention To Business?
The first Sunday of the month September through May, a business meeting is held at 9:30 am. The meeting conducts its business in the framework of worship. All community members  may attend. Agenda items may include committee reports, and financial decisions among other topics. Holidays may alter this schedule.
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