meeting for WorShip


All are welcome to worship at Providence Meeting. We meet regularly on Sunday (“First Day” in the Quaker tradition), convening at 11:00 a.m. Worship lasts about one hour. We gather for a period of silent worship during which time those moved to speak on spiritual matters are free to do so. After worship, visitors are asked to introduce themselves.  We then gather together after worship for fellowship and refreshments.


What am I going to see?

Providence worships in the unprogrammed tradition. This means we sit together without anything to guide us but the light we all carry into the room. Meeting for worship is intended to enrich each person who seeks to develop and strengthen his or her faith. Some meetings are wholly silent, and during some individuals speak after a period of quiet reflection. When a person is led by the spirit to share they may do so.  We have no clergy,  so the responsibility for spirit moving amongst us rests upon those present. The combined experience of the group often helps participants reach a greater depth of spiritual insight and gain courage to act upon beliefs in daily living.


What Do I need to know?

Quakers have no formal creed. However, for more than 300 years Friends have honored the central belief that there is in each person the spark of the Divine. Quakers have generally opposed war, believed in religious tolerance and human fellowship, and sought to conduct personal and business affairs with simplicity, sincerity, and equality. If you are raised in another faith, we suggest you bring what your heart loves best.